The Second is the Corporate Seminars. Why sit and listen to someone tell you how create a better team, when you can get up, move around and have a blast making the team you already have, shine. To experience The Stagebenders Corporate Workshop is to have an afternoon of fun and creativity, while working on positive interaction, cooperation, listening skills, creativity and self-esteem. The corporate workshops are based on fun theater exercises and improvisation games designed to help with communication and interaction skills. The Stagebenders will work with your company to develop a day of experiential learning and fun tailored for your employees.
The Third program is the Comedy Fantasy. The Stagebenders work with a limited number of employees, 2-10, from your company for a few hours.That night those same employees perform with The Stagebenders in a onetime, very fun and very safe night. This lets your company know that we can all laugh, even the boss.
Corporate entertainment by The Stagebenders offers a variety of corporate entertainment programs, All are designed to make your corporate special event, meeting, party, holiday event, something your employees will not soon forget.
The first and most fun is simply having The Stagebenders perform at your event. We take corporate entetainment very seriously.  We come in and let your employees scream and shout at us to create a show that is tailored for your company every time. We can also create custom comedy designed to bring your company that extra added bonus of personalization, by using peoples names, departments and even bringing someone on stage to help out.  So fun even the boss can laugh

  1. Team Building
  2. Humor in the Work Place
  3. Creativity
  4. Experiential Learning
  1. Builds camaraderie and breaks down barriers.
  2. Helps you see colleagues in a different light.
  3. Perfect remedy for a meeting full of talking heads.
  4. Unique, memorable and fun.
  5. Encourages interaction.
  6. Generates energy and enthusiasm.
  7. Get out of that stuffy meeting and have a blast as a team.

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